Inspections are completed in house by a certified U. S. EPA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) building inspector. Call (201) 790-8736 for more information

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What makes an VHI asbestos inspection stand out?

  • A detailed report is provided upon inspection which includes:
    • Executive Summary of Inspection
    • Sampling Description
    • Room Description
    •  Identification of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)
    • Recommendations
    • Supplemental Information
    • Sample Analysis
  • Home maintenance manual
  • Hard cover report binder

Asbestos Assessments are divided into the following:

Surfacing Materials

  • Used for fireproofing, decorative and acoustical reasons
  • Can be found in plaster and textured paints
  • Sprayed or troweled walls ceilings and structural members

Thermal System Insulation (TSI)

  • Used to prevent heat transfer or condensation
  • Can be found on pipes, boilers, tanks, ducts, gaskets and more

Miscellaneous Materials

  • Used as non friable materials
  • Can be found on floor tile, ceiling tile, roofing felt, concrete pipe, outdoor siding, etc.

Examples of Photos and What I See

Boiler Asbestos Containing Material

Asbestos Floor Tile/Mastic

Thermal System Insulation

Vermiculite Under Loose-fill Insulation

The Process..

Asbestos Inspections and Assessments follow some of the protocols and aspects of AHERA. Due to the nature of residential inspections, only certain aspects will be taken. Samples are taken using protocols with guidance from a certified AHERA building inspector to limit the potential of spreading of fibers throughout the living space. Plastic will put down and rooms sealed when necessary. Typically, HVAC systems will be temporarily shut down and doors/windows closed during the sampling process.  Samples are then sent to a state certified lab for analysis. Once the results are sent to the inspector a report is generated with the findings and recommendations are provided.

Types of Structures Inspected

Single Family Homes

2-4 Family Homes




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